A window restrictor is a safety device which prevents a window from opening more than a fixed distance. 

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  • Endo Grilles is a dynamic company that specailises in Child Safety Products Such as Invisible Grills, Aluminum Grills ,Child Safety Devices.


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  • Hong Ye Eco Technologies

    Hong Ye Eco Technologies joined the Singapore market as a building material supplier that specializes in aluminum products, timber products and floor coverings.

    Timber deck, trellis, fencing and landscape soon became an important part of our quality life. Not only does it improves your living standard, it also enhance your experience.

    We can guarantee the most outstanding material quality and installation quality! You will definitely enjoy its luxury and natural beauty in Hong Ye Eco Technologies, Yes! Quality For Life!


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  • SkyGrilles has humble beginnings as a sales and servicing company for Invisible Grilles only. But now they are offering fire extinguishers, window restrictors and window rollers. And they are in the process of adding products and services that can really help their Clients families and homes safe and sound.