An everyday essential, laundry rack is something we use to dry our laundry.

Singapore’s humid weather makes it easy to dry our laundry but also a wet smelling nightmare if we didn’t dry our laundry correctly, hence getting a good laundry rack is important.

Have a look at our Buyer's Guide to help you make a more informed choice.


Standard indoor laundry racks have come a long way since we have had to use heavy bamboo poles loaded with laundry and sticking it to the side of an exterior wall.

Singapore’s humid and fickle weather means hot sun one moment can become a tropical rainfall the next. A laundry system that can utilise natural drying powers of the sun, but portable enough to shield laundry from rain will make homeowners’s life easier.

Laundry systems have also started getting smarter with integrated heaters to dry your clothes faster, regardless of the weather, and integration with mobile phones to allow homeowners to monitor and remotely control every aspect of laundry drying.


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TypeDescriptionProsConsCost(Avg)Idea For
Manual pulley retractable laundry system

These laundry rack types can be lowered or lifted using a manual pulley system.

  • Lower price than other options
  • No external electrical wiring required
  • Manual operation


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Homes with limited living space or in estates where building regulations do not allow for outside drying of laundry.


Push out retractable laundry system

This system can be used for both indoor and outdoor. It can be mounted on the ceiling, and be pushed out of a window to to get your laundry dried under the sun.

  • Push out to sun dry the clothes or simply leave it in the unit to air dry
  • No external electrical wiring required
  • Require additional pole to pull down
  • Max load is lower than other options (~25kg)
  • Drop down distance not as much as other options (~0.7m)


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Owners who prefer to sun dry their laundry


Wall-mounted retractable rack Telescopic laundry rack

Mounted on a wall, this laundry system can be extended to allow for laundry to be hanged for better ventilation and exposure to sun.

  • No external electrical wiring required
  • Take up minimal space when folded
  • Stationary position, if its outdoor, laundry have to be kept if raining
  • In folded mode, laundry might be difficult to hang


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  • Utilisation of tight indoor spaces like yard
  • Utilisation of an external wall for hanging laundry
Swing arm laundry system Folding retractable laundry system

Mounted on a wall, this laundry system can be swinged up to 180 degrees in both directions to allow for laundry to be hanged for better ventilation and exposure to sun.

  • Take up minimal space when folded
  • Swing 180 degrees to the left and right

Max load is lower than other options

S$70 - S$298

Quick Estimate

Light laundry usage in small spaces or near a window opening 

Automated laundry system Smart laundry system

This laundry system are an all-in-one integrated laundry rack that lets you dry your laundry inside your home. Utilising in-built heaters, fans, UV rays and ionisers such laundry systems aim to dry your laundry quicker than conventional racks and will provide additional functionality to disinfect and remove odours. 

  • Integrated smart  system with  functionalities to quickly dry your laundry, disinfect and remove odours
  • Price is highest among other options
  • External electrical wiring required

S$400 - S$1400

Quick Estimate

Indoor spaces where ventilation and exposure to sunlight is minimal

Buying Considerations

  • Unit size - Always consider the unit size when the drying rack is open and folded. And make sure that the window openings and ceiling has enough space to accommodate this. Usually an onsite assessment is required to ensure the system you’re buying fits into your home. If a vendor does not cater for this, then its a red flag and you should look for another vendor.
  • Load Capacity (lift/static load) - Always consider a system with a max load that matches the size of your family and how often you do laundry. As a general guideline, a capacity of 35KG and above is more than enough for a family of 4 doing laundry weekly. For those racks that is movable (e.g. Automated laundry system) make sure that the max load when the system is moving (i.e. lift) can withstand the weight of your laundry. If not, you'll either have to manually hang those laundry or that the system will malfunction faster than normal.
  • Max drop down - Ceiling mounted laundry systems provide a drop down feature where the rack is lowered for convenient hanging. While most should accommodate the average Singaporean height and our home’s ceiling height, make sure to check the max drop height, can get the lowest possible, if not do check your floor to ceiling height to ensure that it fits your home before buying.
  • Installation  
    • Make sure to check with vendors if installation charges are already included or these are separate charges. And if they can help remove and dispose of existing fixtures. If additional charges are required, have an overall cost comparison with other vendors before proceeding. 
    • More importantly make sure to ask if their services cover “making good” of holes/cuts/gaps that might appear during installation. And if they'll be providing the materials to do those patch work (e.g. plaster for old holes, cable trunking for wires). Ask for photos of past work if you're still not confident. If possible hold any payment until the post-installation work meets your expectation.

Specific considerations for:

  • In Stowed mode, check to see if there're still spaces to hang your laundry easily. Or it has to be extended fully before this can happen.
  • Mount options - while these usages are for wall mounted, there are vendors who provide extension brackets to mount this to a railing. If you do not wish/can't drill holes on the wall, do check for vendors who provide such options


Technical Terms

  1. Ultraviolet light (UV) - The sun emits 3 kinds of UV light: Long wavelength (UVA), medium wavelength (UVB) and short wavelength (UVC). The shorter the wavelength, the stronger the light. Fortunately, UVC radiation is absorbed by our atmosphere and never reaches earth. The only way that humans can be exposed to UVC radiation is from an artificial source like a lamp or laser.
  2. Drop down height - Ceiling mounted racks/system will need the rack to be lowered for easy hanging of laundry. The height from top of ceiling to the rack when it’s lowered is the drop down height. For homes with higher ceilings, or owners who require the rack to be lower need to get this reviewed before buying. An onsite assessment by a vendor is the easiest approach to get it validated.